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Trujillo lies on the “north” coast of Honduras at the foot of Mounts Capira and Calentura on a small bluff overlooking the beautiful and expansive bay of Trujillo. Those of us from the U. S. think of Central America as having an east (Caribbean) and west (Pacific) coast, but if you look at the map you will understand that a great deal of the Caribbean coast of Honduras runs east/west and in reality faces due north.

Behind the historic town of Trujillo (area population approximately 30,000), rise Mounts Capira and Calentura to an elevation slightly exceeding 4,000 feet. Luckily the mountains have been made a national park and have received some funding (mainly from Canada) that has insured some level of protection. The historic downtown encompasses only a dozen or so blocks, a cathedral, central plaza, historic Spanish fort, and unrenovated buildings of early Spanish and nineteenth century French colonial derivation. Hopefully, the powers that be in Honduras and Trujillo will insure that the appealing historic ambience of the city will be preserved and enhanced. Unfortunately, the Glynn family has purposely taken the roof off of one of the most historic structures on the square, the old Hotel Central, and allowed the centuries old adobe structure underneath to dissolve. The Honduras Department of History and Anthropology did not intervene and mandate preservation of this important structure, so it is now gone and has been replaced by a cinder block building with pvc columns. Let's hope that more attention is paid to the historic center of Trujillo in the future.

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